1. Wesk

    Model Sega Nomad 3D Printable Shell

    Here lies my version of a 3D printable Nomad shell. Files contain both the front and the back as well as a dual speaker version. Additional parts can be found here: RetroGameRevivals These models are based off my 3D scans and have been cleaned up for 3D printing. I have made small adjustments...
  2. ruumoo

    Worklog ProCon Shells

    As many other, I bought a Switch to pass the time during lockdown but after a few day, the ergonomic problems of the joycons in portable mode really started to show. Then I got the idea to create some simple fix for them, that anyone could perform. After taking them apart, I quickly realized...
  3. Worklog First Wii Project

    I've been reading a lot of stuff on the site and lurking around a lot of the other worklogs of complete noobs like me while collecting parts and tweaking my design. But I've actually done some work on some things and I like feedback so, In the words of our favourite plumber, here we go... BOM...
  4. DeoNaught

    Discussion post your Gamecube controller

    Well, I recently got done my Gamecube controller, (as done as I am now), I painted it metallic, I plan to fix the analog stick, and add leds later. I had to repaint it a couple of times, Because someone decided to touch it while it was drying -___- so I lost patience, and finished it up. I...
  5. Ikeprodigy

    Console Shells

    Real short and random question: What does everyone do with their console cases when they're done harvesting the motherboard?