ps2 portatil.

  1. Daniel Ls81

    Worklog Ps2 shiden type-s

    Ps2 scph-79001 motherboard Hevy modified. 5v mod. Custom copper 2mm heatsink Custom 5v fan. Custom trim. Custom ethernet conector.
  2. NahuelFlores

    Question Can I charge three 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a charger?

    Hello! I'm in the middle of a PORTABLE PS2 project. This modification will use three 18650 batteries of 3.7 and 2200mAh to make 11.1v and then regulate it to 8.5v directly to the power port of the PS2. It should be noted that it is a SCPH-90010. I will charge the batteries with a 2.1mm jack...