ps2 diy

  1. Question Wires connection

    Hi I´m completely new to moding and electronics, but I got this idea of making my own PS2 portable cuz I don´t have 800 dollars to spare. But something bothers me: I am capable of doing everything myself, I got people who can help me, but how do I connect batteries to motherboard so it recognize...
  2. vipe_202

    PS2 Portable, like an oversized gameboy

    I'd like to finally present my first portable adventure, a PS2 portable with built in raspberry pi SMB loading. This has definitely been an adventure and learning curve, originally I aimed to go simple and do a standard trim but as I figured out how to model and print my portable shell it...
  3. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog PS2 Laptop!

    Hello! Welcome to my PlayStation 2 laptop worklog, The reason behind this particular project is because of the PS2 model i have, SCPH-90004, It has a bigger motherboard than the usual 790001, Beside that, The Composite for some reason really shows a good picture and components cable doesnt work...
  4. xck

    New project PS2 handheld

    Recently produced PS2 new project Life 2 hours 7 inch LCD screen SCPH-90006