1. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question VGA Screen Trouble

    ey b0is So I bought this screen ( It works to some degree. when there's no signal the backlight is fine. the buttons work, etc. But when I plug in a VGA source (my PC), the screen goes dark...
  2. Tech Flare

    Question AV Trouble

    Okay so I’m on my second Wii now (I accidentally fried my first one), and I’ve run into some trouble. I opted not to trim my Wii because I’m not very experienced with that type of stuff. So on to the problem: I soldered the “ground” and “composite” wires from the Wii to the “AV2” and “ground”...
  3. nightrider184

    Question Intec Gamecube Screen Problem

    For some reason, this just started happening a few minutes ago, every time I turn on the screen, and then turn on my gamecube, the screen starts making a slight ticking noise and starts flashing white on the screen, with no audio or video from the gamecube. Has anyone else ever had this problem...
  4. JayCantPlay

    Question PSP go Pre project troubleshooting

    Hey everyone, I've made this thread because I've encountered an important and puzzling problem, which to my knowledge no one has experienced before. So, I disassembled my PSP go with great care and, after taking a look around the board, noticed a major problem. The system refused to switch on...