1. SartoZ

    Discussion Pal games not supporting progressive scan (blue/black screen)

    Hello euro fellows. You may notice that not all the games that you dumped in your portable works in vga mode, showing instead just a blue/black screen while the audio plays in the bg. That's because vga input works only in progressive scan format, which is a option natively supported by ntsc...
  2. Wesk

    Guide NUS-RMC-10 Expansion Pak variant pinout

    There is a very slight difference with the NUS-RMC-10 expansion pak found in PAL regions. This variant although listing 36 pins only has 35, Pin 1 does not exist. Black = Ground Yellow = Common component connection Cyan = NC Red = Common Connection This data was put together using...
  3. Luis Mendonça

    Question Is this a NTSC conversion?

    Hi all! This is my first attempt on building a N64 portable, I just got the console I bought from an Ebay like site in my country. When I opened it, I noticed this very hideous soldered board to the main metal plate, and since this is my very first time opening a N64, I couldn't stop but wonder...