1. Discussion WiiBoy Player Concept

    Hello all, I had this concept in my head for a while and finally found a good tech-savvy community to bounce ideas/questions off of. The Wii essentially has an an entire Gamecube inside of it, and with the controller and memory ports, it can do ALMOST anything a Gamecube can. Except use of the...
  2. Okiguess

    Question I have a pretty cool idea for a portable.

    It is a portable wii that looks (a bit) like a book from he outside but inside it is your typical folding wii portable. Here is a pic. should i build this (im a beginner to the modding community) or should i start with an ashida or a simpler one like that?
  3. JCasper

    Question Wii Portable Battery/General Parts

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  4. Nold

    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Hi folks, today i'm happy to finally present to you my Wii Micro aka "Miicro" Project! About this project The goal of this project was to use as less additional components as possible and make most of them 3d printable. Also it recycles a lot of the Wii's mainboard and used the stock...
  5. Acronell

    Worklog GBA SP - Johto Pokedex

    Allo! The Project: Modifying a GBA SP to appear as a Generation II Pokédex, while fully maintaining the aesthetic of the Pokédex. Plans Including Potential Inclusions: - A Custom PCB for Triple Cartridge Slots (possibly quadruple) - A custom PCB for button layout (to maintain aesthetic) -...
  6. KamenSqwirl

    Question PSP Mods

    I couldn't decide if this should go here or in the Sony forum, but in the end I chose here. So, I've stumbled across a metric buttload of (mostly faulty) PSPs and gotten a few back in working order. I've added some to The Collection as is, but I want to mod one of them. So my question is this...
  7. Fruity_Grebbles

    Heavily Modded 2DS XL + Extras

    Hi everybody. I'm getting rid of my "New Nintendo 2DS XL" (what a mouthful). I don't find the time to play it nearly as much as I would like. It's got pretty much every mod in the book. CFW, Homebrew, a CIA loader, etc etc. I'm including an R4 SDHC flashcard running YSmenu. It's an NDS-mode...
  8. mknrls

    Worklog noneAH - N64.Wii.DC [CONSOLE]

    This project is now dead. Keep an new variation of it in the future! noneAH is a balance between original hardware with upgrades and emulation, also a compilation of different guides, mods, hacks, and breakthroughs! It's not a porable but a mixture of mutiple consoles. Feature-Roadmap N64 -...
  9. CaveStoryKing64

    Question Wii Mini Hacking

    Hello! I own a small Discord server. In that server, we are trying to get Homebrew onto the Wii Mini. But for that, we will need either a wasp or wiikey modchip. The reason why this is because of the route we are going to use. Route: -Obtain Wii Mini -Obtain modchip. -Install modchip into Wii...
  10. Matthew

    Worklog My First N64p

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Portablizing and console modding, but I thought I would post my worklog for you all to see. If you have any advice or tips, please let me know! I was first introduced to portablizing quite a few years ago when I was 18. I didn't know much about electronics, I'd...