1. Graff Films

    Completly installing new software on the Wii U gamepad

    Ok so this might sound like some crazy idea or maybe not even possible, but I've always wondered if you could make the Wii U actually portable and run something like MAME on it. All other "portable" Wii U mods are not really mods just putting the console in your backpack with battery. But what...
  2. CaveStoryKing64

    Question Wii Mini Hacking

    Hello! I own a small Discord server. In that server, we are trying to get Homebrew onto the Wii Mini. But for that, we will need either a wasp or wiikey modchip. The reason why this is because of the route we are going to use. Route: -Obtain Wii Mini -Obtain modchip. -Install modchip into Wii...