hack like heck

  1. Worklog The Ultimate Portable

    There are way too many things I could say but there is no point in kindling the fire even more. Quite the interesting display on my page. There’s unnecessary attacks toward me, my family, and my school for wanting to vote for me in the contest. I’m not sorry for the people that love me. There’s...
  2. nobble

    Nobble's RetroPie Futureboy DMG RPi3 Handheld (ENTRY 4 HACK LIKE HECK)

    AWWW SHIIIII-! GET YOUR TOWELS READY, IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! ( ͠° ͜ʖ ͡°) NOBBLE HAS STEPPED UP TO THE CHALLENGE! Alright folks, Ben Heck doesn't give a hack anymore. Now is the time for us in the modding community to RISE UP by blowing the minds of unknowingly innocent normies with our...