1. Viilmo

    Question CMBs in parallel for faster charging?

    I have this CMB and wan't it to use it for my wii project. The problem im having that the wii uses 16watts with screen etc. and the CMB can only charge with a maximum of 8.4W, so it wouldn't charge while playing. I was thinking to get an other one to put in parallel which would end up using 4...
  2. Viilmo

    Solved Good Step up Converter or Running screen off lower Voltage

    I need a step up converter for my screen which uses a 12V backlight for my Wii. The screen is 10 inches and the power usage according to the driver board is 12V and more than an amp. I've read that simple ones from amazon or ebay are bad to use and I only need 12v for the screen and the Wii will...
  3. Question CMB LED Output current?

    This is the CMB I'm using (see pic)? I want to use the LED output option (see black circle on pic) on the board to run LEDs up to the faceplate to indicate charging status. Easy enough, but I cannot find any specs on the output current to determine the LED requirements and if I need resistors or...