1. Viilmo

    Question Few questions I have about a BMS

    So basically i found an old CTV and thought why I shouldn't just put a Wii in it. There was enough space to fit an untrimmed board which made things way easier. I want to use 8 batteries in 4s2p but I need a BMS. I've been thinking using this one but im not sure. Here the questions: 1. Can I...
  2. SuperSaiyanBird

    Solved Are these good BMS and Batteries to use for my Wii portable???

    So I'm figuring out the remaining stuff I need for my portable so I can budget myself. Now somethings to add to my list are the batteries to power the Wii and a BMS along with them. Would I need 4 of these...
  3. ruumoo

    Discussion Custom BMS Balancer

    I thought about creating my own 3s Li-ion balancing/charging circuit to place on my recent projects pcb. But after some research, I havent found any solid leads on how to approach something like this. For comparison, if you search for "DIY audio amp circuit", you get truckloads of great designs...