6 layer

  1. David-Industries

    Question Question about wiring

    I'm looking into wiring a 6 layer trim of RVL 20. I was looking at this guide below but I'm not sure that I'm looking in the right location. Could someone help me out and point me in the right direction...
  2. guyman70718

    Guide SD card relocation on 6 layer Wii

    My Wii needed to boot into bootmii after trimming so I am posting the sd card relocation points here for anyone in the future that needs or wants to relocate SD. This is a CPU-01 board but I would think the points are the same on other 6 layer Wiis. I used the same color guide as the 4 layer...
  3. DonutCat448

    Solved Relocating/Trimming 6-layer Documentation

    Hello, community. I have begun preparing my RVL-CPU-01 Wii motherboard for relocation and trimming, but I cannot find video/photo documentation showing what a successful 6-layer OM6 trim and Bluetooth/U10 relocation should look like. I've checked out both 'The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide' as...