3d case

  1. Dynamic_Hayden

    Question What 3d printer is best for portable cases

    I'm getting tired of paying pcbway absorbent amounts for 3d prints so I think its finally time I get a 3d printer of my own. So I got some questions about 3d printers I hope you wont mind answering. -Which 3d printer should I get with no previous experiences 3d printing -Which filament...
  2. Worklog First Wii Project

    I've been reading a lot of stuff on the site and lurking around a lot of the other worklogs of complete noobs like me while collecting parts and tweaking my design. But I've actually done some work on some things and I like feedback so, In the words of our favourite plumber, here we go... BOM...
  3. Gigabyte66

    Question 3D Model Help

    Hey, is anyone able to make me a case? (just needs to be a rough mock up) It's for a Nintendo 64 and the screen size is 127mm long and 83mm tall (I would like the buttons, but it's not necessary. Also, it has a cartridge slot and a power LED. Thanks! I don't really understand Fusion 360 either.