1. Fruity_Grebbles

    Heavily Modded 2DS XL + Extras

    Hi everybody. I'm getting rid of my "New Nintendo 2DS XL" (what a mouthful). I don't find the time to play it nearly as much as I would like. It's got pretty much every mod in the book. CFW, Homebrew, a CIA loader, etc etc. I'm including an R4 SDHC flashcard running YSmenu. It's an NDS-mode...
  2. Fruity_Grebbles

    Controllers, Devkit, Accessories and other interesting components

    I, like many of you, have accumulated gadgets and parts that at this point aren't worth the space they take up. Mostly I just want to get rid of them, so I'm not interested in making a ton of money here. At bare minimum, I'd like to be reimbursed for shipping, but it'd be nice to make the sale...
  3. Geliot0406

    New Nintendo 2DS XL revealed

    Yes, it IS real My first thought was "lolwut?", And I still stand on that, internally. The exterior of the console? GOD gimme 20 and a taco. It looks so good! What do you think about this console? (BTW, I have to make my project on a case that looks exactly like that. God bless the Pi Zero)