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    My PS2W build

    it's perfect <3
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    Question DC TRIM ?

    thank you all. i guess i'm not gonna trim it then.
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    Question phat ps2 ?

    ok, thanks.
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    Question DC TRIM ?

    Hi, i have this DC model can it be trimmed ? thanks,
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    Question phat ps2 ?

    a stupid question :D is it possible to trim phat ps2 ?
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    The GS2

    the best thing i'v seen in a along time, love it <3 thanks for sharing <3
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    Discussion Wii Frame Project !

    Hi, My name is Meshari, & this is my first post here. i don't know how to use any 3D designing program , but i'm a little bit better with photoshop and i have this idea for making a wii that can be hanged on my office wall or my living room wall and playing with it whenever i feel board, and...
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    Wii Micro

    if u r selling any micro wii please let me know.
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    Wii Micro

    i'm proud of u. u really did a great job. i was wondering if u can make new one and power it with micro USB, is it possible ?
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    RetroPie Portable

    i love it, the case texture is amazing.
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    Wii Micro

    incredible, i was looking for projects like this. can you please record a video about it.