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    The Wiiboy Color

    I was just going to leave a like but man I have to say that is absolutely sexy. Nice work! Even the wire management is insane!! Having a ribbon cable between two halves of the case is genius!
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    No output to composite in

    Those TP pads are not all ground. Even though some have continuity to ground on a multimeter most are a data line. Maybe use the outer ring of the screw holes on the GC motherboard as the ground. Or the ground side of a resistor. Also, your composite Via still has some mask on it. Make sure you...
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    No output to composite in

    If you enabled VGA in Bbloader, you could try wiring that up and testing. If you do only the two sync lines and one of the color lines you will have black and white image on screen. But might be easier to test that out. What are the voltage line Ohms? Check each one and make sure none are...
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    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable 2020

    Amazing work! Also nice video editing, lots of transitions done very well. Looks like a very unique portable, I dig it.
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    Postage times and when to chase?

    You could try calling UPS and supply the tracking number to see if they know why it is postponed.
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    How to get 4 layer wii motherboards?

    You will have more luck by buying a colored wii on ebay. The white wii's are hit or miss. I bought a pack of two black wii's and they both were 4 layers. Hope that helps.
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    SOLD - WTS Custom Molded Buttons

    PM I will take a set for DS Lite
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    BitBuilt Christmas - Giveaway #1

    Happy Birthday! Lets do dis!
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    GPD Win

    YES! That will be a wonderful day!
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    GPD Win

    Anyone check out the new portable windows PC with gaming controls on the market lately? It's the GPD Win and my wife got me one for an early Christmas gift. Super sweet and plays N64 games flawlessly with some Gamecube + Wii games too (many don't run full speed but a lot work well).
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    Would this wiring work for a USB splitter?

    Thanks! You saved me some messy wiring :)
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    Would this wiring work for a USB splitter?

    Ok, weird question but I have a computer with only one USB 3.0 slot on it... Can I buy a USB 2.0 splitter like this one (limited on room inside it so need a tiny one): Then, solder the GND, D+, D-, VCC from the mother board to the HUB. Then on one of the hubs 2 additional 2.0 slots, I...
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    Pinotte's Odroid Emulation Station

    Did it fry? I have a Odroid C0 laying around if you need a replacement.
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    Portablizing BOM

    Love it! Thanks for the list.