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    Jeff's First Portable - :NOGC: Edition

    Duude this portable is so clean! Everything from the externals to the nudes are outstanding. Hearing about your turmoil and all the hurdles you went through really makes this quite the accomplishment. You deserve this amazing work!
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    World's Smallest Gamecube Controller

    *melee handcramps intensifies*
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    Tort thread

    Best of both worlds (not mine I just felt it belonged here :P)
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    Discussion PS2 PORTABLE

    huh, I didn't know that, good luck with your portable
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    Discussion PS2 PORTABLE

    Why do you want to put in a DVD drive? Are there really any benefits to using one as opposed to a USB?
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    Worklog Jeff's First Portable :NOGC: Edition

    Everything in this case is laid out nicely, you can tell that there was a lot of planning done. Looks really clean!
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    Discussion Simple Wii U portable?

    This thread's name sounds like an oxymoron
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    Question Best way of cooling

    This is actually a good question, I've also wanted to know if whether thermal paste beats the stock thermal pads. In regards to the poll, what do you mean try? I wouldn't use the stock heat sink or fan mainly because it's too big tho, especially if you're trying to make a micro wii.
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    Solved Which Case method is better?

    From what I've seen on these forums, pretty much. They can sometimes self-destruct (I don't mean blow-up), they get hotter, use more energy, and many of the mod chips to play games without using a disc drive don't exist. But my "uh oh" was from the fact that a certain member will argue wii >...
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    Solved Which Case method is better?

    its nothing, just a running joke about Gcp's
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    Needing some help.

    whoops, I thought he meant about how much voltage the wii needs
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    Needing some help.

    Spend some more time in the guide hub, all the information you need is there ;) Here is a link to it EDIT: listen to Shank, not me:P
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    Worklog The Smash-box Odyssey: Davuld86's First Wiip

    Well yeah, i know that, but Now that I think about it , this is a portable, and if you're playing some wii games on the bus, there really wont be much wifi, will there. So I'm not going to give myself that hassle.