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    Question Portable Wii crashes randomly

    I've also had issues like this with Microcenter's micro SD cards when they're > 256. For me Mario Kart Wii's demo would slow down after a while, but it wouldn't crash. Playing it or other games would sometimes crash though. This was consistent across untrimmed and trimmed Wiis, and was only...
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    Mario Themes For RVLoader

    Making themes is down to replacing the files in rvloader\themes\main. Ideally, you'll wanna create a copy of the main folder and start editing the files in there. In my most recent case, I created 2 variations of each theme to accommodate 16:9 and 4:3 screens with the only difference being the...
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    Zelda Themes For RVLoader

    After Aurelio added in support for custom backgrounds into RVLoader, I figured themes like these would become obsolete(and thus, I decided to stop making them). But people are still using my themes, and there are things within my themes that you can't achieve by just changing the background...
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    Model Louii Twoii CAD Files

    Thanks a lot for releasing these Ginger! I've modified the Front STL to accommodate OEM Switch directional buttons. It needs to be re-scaled due to my modeling software, syncing the scaling to the other model in Prusa Slicer should do the trick however. Credit for this goes 100% to Ginger since...
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    Worklog G-Wii Yellow

    So nice to finally see this come to fruitation! Internals look great for a first project. Nice work and so glad I was able to help!
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    Project Wii U

    Nice, I've actually just started work on one as well, good luck with this!
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    After taking the portable to MGC, I learned a little trick from @Gman about re-drilling screw posts. First you fill the screw posts with a mixture of super glue and baking soda, and then you re-drill the posts. This made screwing the unit closed easy! After getting back from MGC and surviving...
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    MGC 2021 - Bringing BitBuilt Back

    I was able to get some decent shots even if my phone's camera quality isn't the best. Here's what the portables were looking like: Kill Mii pic came out blurrier than I would've wanted I wasn't gonna not get a shot of my G-Boy right next to Shank's. If only we had a third stand I...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    I didn't think I was gonna get it together in time for MGC, but it looks like I was able to! The screw posts for closing the case were hell, and I will need to iron out a few things, but it's all working as it should! Here's a side by side comparison with an actual GC Wave bird controller...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    Always appreciate the words of encouragement. I wish you luck with finishing yours if you haven't already! In the meantime, I forgot to mention this when it first happened but when putting my fan in place I almost completely broke it. What happened was, the area to put the fan in my unit is...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    So, this update has some good news and some news that's pretty much ruined my night. Good news is, I got the Wii to boot and my trim is working! Bad news that's pretty much ruined my night is, my PMS is fucked. I've been having my dad screw in the 4 layer boards because it can be really...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    Noted, I'll be removing it here shortly, thanks for the explanation! Also noted, Thanks both of you for the info, I should be getting back to work on this unit tonight so expect to seen another update soonish.
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    I think @Stitches has answered your question accordingly. Thank you! This build really shows how far the community has come. I'm really looking forward to finishing this up and I'm especially looking forward to playing it! We talking the one occupying the space 3.3v gets wired to? I haven't...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    So when ordering the battery clips I couldn't find the exact ones I are supposed to go used in this build. I ordered ones that looked like they'd work and spoiler alert: They didn't. I was able to make them and the batteries fit, but it was putting too much pressure on the batteries. I could...
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    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    Thanks a lot! This takes me a huge step in the right direction although I still have a few questions. Edit: I had a few more questions, but I'm all good now.