i has new trim!!!1


Sep 3, 2020
helo guis! today im showing off my a trim 4 wii new that i designated. the degisn is desigh is desihged to keep your wiis mx chip alive and living and functioning on the broad once and after its been trimd. i think its good because now we dont have to do no more mx chip relocations and the best part is we dont need battery because mx battery means your doing it wrong!!!1 can you guys tell me please tell me if whether or not this trim will do what im trying?????????


i need help to make sure this trim will work because i dont want to fail and even worse than wanting to not look fail i want not to look stupid. can you tell me all of you that this trim will work please????? i wanna now so i can make trimd portable wii like master guy in this video

bye the way is aynone here good at meth?????? i suck at math and i wannta find someone who will do my math homework for me please thanks oh and also my math homework is on my trim pitcure somewere i think sorry about that guyssss!!!!!! thanks!

today im sharing my tallents with all you because i think i know what im doing more than the communitys trimmers and i wants to show you what i came up with thanks for verifying this for me and sorry if is ound hurtful or mean because i dont want to but some of you dont know what your doing with your acronym trim oh em gee what the wtf or something thanks,

did you know you can power the wii by connecting battery right to it, pms2 is scam dont buy ploz!1! i know this because wii turns on when i connect battery straight to wii