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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    I actually already have the regulators, in the future I do want to look into alternative voltage regulator sources though because yeah, those regulators cost more than the wii did xD Do you have recommendations? I think it would be cool to use some smd components and make a small all in one...
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    I have been reading forum posts about what sorts of resistances to expect between each line and ground and I think that my resistances are okay. 1.0V - 102 1.15V - 39 3.3V - ~19K 5V - super high I need to get some potentiometers to tune my regulators to output the correct voltage. They are...
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    Question U10

    Some additional options for removal would be to purchase some chip-quik off of amazon. Its a special alloy of metals that stay molton much longer than regular solder dose. You apply it to the pads of the u10, heat each leg of the u10 quickly to make all the blobs molton at the same time, then...
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    Did some additional sanding! and... it works! it dosent always boot up right away, and sometimes i get erros loading the menu and it will boot into homebrew. I think this is related to line voltages though, the 1.0V line is down around .89V at times, and the 1.15V line goes down to about 1.0V...
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    Thank you so much!
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    Huge update! Hello everyone, I've slowly been amassing parts and knowledge to continue on with my WII portable and today I finally cut my motherboard! I think it went pretty well. Before hooking it up to my regulators I was wondering what resistances I should expect between the various voltage...
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    So it seems that I need to pull the GPU via to gnd to get the WII to boot, that seems strange. I have desoldered my relocated u10, and the wire that runs off of pin 5 of the u10, to the gpu via, needs to be shorted to ground. I imagine that somehow the GPU is constantly connected to 3.3V, thus...
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    This may be a dumb question, but am i supposed to remove these circled pads, I cut the red trace, but the circled blue pads are still connected to my u10. They are all bridged together in a clump connecting the three pins on the left side of the u10
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    Yep! they are connected to gnd, still, with about 4 oms of resistance. Could the problem be the U10 itself, maybe i burned it out?
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    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    Update! Hello everyone, i have slowly been making progress and amassing the final parts that i need for my portable. I recently bought a GC+ and am excited to get to working on my portable. So most recently I have been trying to do the u10 relocation. It has been a daunting task for me since...
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    [Question] ssh -6 [email protected]

    Has anyone had any luck trying to ssh into a pi. when i run "sudo ifconfig" the only address i get is an IPv6 address, which you should be able to ssh into with ssh -6 [email protected] however this has not worked for me. I get the error "could not resolve hostname [email protected]####::####:####:####:#####/##...
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    Question Portable DVD player video input conversion questions

    I purchased this screen. It takes either HDMI from your WII2HDMI upscaler, or composite video. The input to the barrel jack is labeled 12 volts, however you can supply 5 volts instead and it works fine.
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    HDMI male to HDMI male vertical stack

    This saved me a bunch of space in my portable. mounted my wii2hdmi right above my hdmi to tft converter board. Only $1.12 delivered is a great deal...
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    Looking for a GC+

    Just wondering if anyone has an extra GC+
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    Worklog gcGO: Faradyne's First Portable

    I also have that board and am using it like this