Worklog Xbox Portable: Second Chance

Nov 4, 2019
Hey folks, as you may remember last year I entered the competition attempting to make a portable Xbox only to crash and burn at the finish line.
Well this year thanks to some awesome rule changes, I am getting a second chance. :)
I will be entering with the same portable, and attempting to finish it for real this time.
Per the rules I am required to open source prior work to make it a bit more fair for everyone, and I have done just that.

You can find source materials for pre existing PCB designs, as well as some that I have finished since last year here:
Xbox Portable Github repo

The housing design can be found here:
Housing 3D models



Some of the build is the same, a lot is new and redone, the goal is to include the following features.
  • 9" 800x480 display
  • Digital video via MakeMHz XboxHD+ for crispy video
  • Digital audio via 4Layertech U-AMP 2
  • Reverse engineered S controller controls for complete compatibility, as well as socketed Xbox One sticks for solder-free replacement
  • 128GBs of MicroSD storage for game loading
  • (New!) WiFi for playing Xbox Live enabled games online via Insignia
  • (New!) Seamless 100W USB C PD charge and play
  • 4x 21700 cells for an estimated 1.5hrs of battery life
Additionally, where there was a lot of hand wiring in the previous build attempt, I have started to replace a lot of that with clean and reliable (Hopefully) flex PCBs, and have/will improve upon nearly every PCB in the build.
So this time it should be much more fleshed out of an entry, and I am pretty excited to get going again on building this beast.


Anyway I guess that's mostly all I wanted to say, and wanna wish the other contestants the best of luck.

Catch ya later.
Feb 18, 2024
working on No.1
How much for the Mustard?

In all seriousness, super exited to see this come to life!