Third Portables a charm... SparkleBear's Indigo G-Wii

Jul 9, 2020
Hey y'all, finally swapped out the bad driver board and now I can consider this build officially buttoned up! Woot! I learned a ton in the process of my first two portables; being the G-boy, and the black gwii I built. This one was a meditation in tidy wiring and integration of the wii skillset. I really loved building this one and am glad to say its finished. :)

Thanks so much to @Gman for designing the gwii and always lending a helping hand when I have a question. Thanks for the encouragement to sort out shit the right way and figure it out on my own sometimes too... Thanks to @Ethan for the tidy button and joystick boards. Really makes the build cleaner. (super looking forward to your rev 2 tidy wiring board broooo).

I think I'm going to give the g-wii format a rest for a bit while I work on my n64p build. But I know I will be building another one again soon... after Ashida ;P

Cheers y'all! Happy building!!!