Worklog Ashida portable worklog/guide

May 23, 2022
Hello everyone. I wanted to intoduce myself, my name is Kyler and I'm working on my first portable. I have done a lot of custom work mostly on controllers and written many guides on ifixit but have not dived into the world of console modding until now. I wasn't going to post a work log but I have discovered that there is not a lot of information out there about the Ashida portable and I wanted to add to the communite on this project. I have been working on this for about two weeks so this update will be a little long. In the future I plan on posting better close up photos and writting this as more of a guide for people. With that being said this is my first portable so please share feedback as I am trying to learn this and don't be afraid to tell me if I am doing something wrong as I want this to work and I want to write a fairly decent guide. Anyway here we go!

I recurited my cousin to 3D print the case for me as I ordered all the neccisary parts. This was the first update that he sent me.


I got the parts and began my work. This was my first time working with a 3D printed part. It was not until I was struggling getting the supports off that my cousin told me he messed up and made the supports way too stong lol.

I eventually got the supports off and was left with a lot of clean up. I had a long road ahead to smooth this baby out.

Many hours of sanding later I was ready for the whole sand, bondo, prime, sand, bondo, prime, and so on and so on.

As you can see I have made a lot of progress on the faceplate at this point and have recieved nearly all of the internal parts. I was able to do the first test fit and everything looks to be moving along smoothly (pun intended for the many hours of sanding I have done). Currently I am missing the actual trimmed Wii board, volume adjustment wheel, and speakers. But, everything else is here!

Now I do not claim to be a professional or hell even good at this at all but I began to populate the PCB's and I am very proud of my solder joints. More pictures to come in the next update.

Our story (at least for now) comes to an end here with what I have finished as of this morning. The front plate is baby bottom smooth and painted! I love the OG purple and I do not think the Power A GameCube controllers are the same shade but from my paint job it is exactly how I remeber the original (don't rain on my parade if it's not even close).

Like I said before from this point forward I plan on forming my updates in more of a guide format. As people help/correct me I will try to update if any pictures are incorrect and fix my posts if there is any incorrect information. For now this is hello for the first time but also my first goodbye. Please enjoy my struggles with 3D printed parts and I will now retire my tired (and now very smooth) finger tips. I never want to see another piece of sand paper again.... Oh wait I still have the whole back plate to do.....
Goodbye for now,
-Kyler (Kickler1896)