Question 6 Layer Wii issues

Feb 2, 2022
Hello everybody, I have spent the last week working on a Noldendo (6-layer trim) and I am happy to say that for the most part, everything has been working fine. However, I have some issues that are keeping me from finishing the job, and I am unsure what is wrong. I will describe them in order of priority.

Firstly, I am having issues getting the Wii to consistently boot games. While I have no issues booting to RVLoader or going to the wii home menu, booting a game in RVLoader (both wii and GameCube) causes the console powers off. I have tried different usb devices to no avail. Sometimes, I will get lucky and the console will decide to boot the game, but only after it has sat for a while. Before I trimmed the console, wii and gamecube games booted successfully everytime.

Second, my video goes black for a few seconds and comes back a few times a minute. This is the case ONLY when I am using component cables at 480p. There is no issues at 480i as far as I can tell.

Third, there is a lot of visual noise on the screen. I understand that this is most likely due to 6-layer Wiis being glitchy, but I figured I'd bring it up. It might be the reason the video goes black on 480p, but I am not sure.

Lastly, whenever I plug in the sensor bar, the console shuts itself off. I have checked the 12V line for shorts, and there is not one. Additionally, I have tried a second sensor bar and that also didn't fix the issue, so I believe the problem lies somewhere with the console.

Thank you!

Here are some photos of my work:


Jun 6, 2020
I'm not sure if this is causing any of your issues, but for a lot of your solder joints, you have too much bare wire exposed, and in some spots it looks like it could potentially be shorting out to something it shouldn't be:



Also, there's a lot of burnt flux around, especially on the vias you soldered to. I would recommend cleaning that up with some IPA.

As for trying to diagnose the issue at hand, I would recommend stripping the project down to the bare bones and working your way up. Start by desoldering everything that isn't power (so you're just left with a barrel jack, a PSU, and the trim). See if it boots. If it does, add back in a gamecube controller data line. Check if it can run GC / Wii games. If it does, add in the MX, then the BT... you get the gist. The key is to test after every single step.

I had some gnarly issues with my first Noldendo as well... it would freeze up trying to go into any game, terrible video snow, crazy glitches, all when it was just power and GC hooked up (though I was using PTHs instead of a PSU). I ended up calling it quits and did a new trim and used a PSU. While there was still some video snow, games ran just fine. 6-layers are weird, man.


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Feb 5, 2017
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It looks like you've used some solid core wire for power delivery. You should swap all that to 22AWG stranded wire. Sometimes using solid core for power delivery can fuck with things