1. Madmorda

    Silicone Molds for resin casting buttons

    Hello! I am taking a break from resin casting for a little bit, and figured I would offer up some of my molds in case anyone is interested. These molds were made with Alumilite, and were almost all cured in a pressure pot (maybe 2-3 individual pieces were not). I have listed individual prices...
  2. Diminuendo

    Worklog Haven't done a project in a while... SNES bluetooth controller Hori digital pad mod.

    I love my official SNES bluetooth controller for the switch and have enjoyed my various Knights - Hollow and Shovel - with it. Though, I can't help but find the lack of grips uncomfortable. Thankfully, Hori came up with a solution in the GameCube era; a SNES style controller with a more...
  3. CommanderBrace

    Best Quality mold materials~

    Has anyone used the resin casting method repeatedly? I know certain kinds of mold making materials will shrink over time, and there are better ones that wont shrink as much (more pricey~). However, I've heard of using urethane rubber as the mold material, which I'm unfamiliar with, and I'm sure...