1. Wesk

    Guide Configuring your PS2 portable for SD loading (79k models)

    For the latest version with updates and improvements click here: Click me! With the recent advancements in SD loading for the PS2 it's now viable for portables to use this feature for booting games. I've been testing on my stock 79k model and found game compatibility to be fairly solid with...
  2. igoriceg

    Question can someone help me with a capasitor on scph 79000 GM-62-02 playstation 2?

    Guys, can someone help me with a capasitor? i try to make own ps2p, but i broke my capasitor (it gone away), and now i want to solder in new one, but i can't identify old. it seems like 100pf 50v 1005 NPO (similar to the scph 70000 mb, but i dont know yet). My motherboard 79000 GM-62-02. Thx in...