1. Question Would acrylic paint be suitable for design on portable?

    For my Ashida I'm making, my girlfriend will be helping me paint the case. So far, our idea is to cover it with a light blue spray paint and then put a design on the middle of the bottom half. For the light blue I've decided to use testors or tamiya (I haven't decided so if anyone has...
  2. Question GameCube Platinum Color

    Hello guys, Does anyone know what paint/hex color the platinum GameCube controllers are? I'm wanting to paint my Ashida like the controllers i grew up playing with. Worst case scenario I'll just bring a controller into Home Depot and just have them color match it. Thank you!
  3. nobble

    Worklog NintenDoom64: AV&LED Modded/Custom Painted N64

    Time for some wax sessions and low-light dining. Here's a nightly mod that @Postman and I are working on. It's a Nintendo 64 with a custom splatter paint that I did from back in the Nobble64p era. We are adding a few LEDs to illuminate the badge, standard RCA ports, and HDMI(probably).