1. harutoch

    Question Best first portable?

    Hi, I'm brand new to portablizing and wanted some help with choosing what to build as my first portable. I really want to make a louii, as i love the look of it and the customization, but I heard it's not the best for beginners like me. I saw the Ashida, and I think it's okay but I don't really...
  2. Nos_E3ks

    Worklog Starting my first Portable Wii (Louii

    I've just started getting the parts for this project. I have the case mostly printed out!
  3. Revine

    Worklog My First Portable (Louii)

    For the last few weeks, I've gotten really interested in making a Portable Wii, and after a bit of time, I have accumulated to what I think is all of the parts and tools that I would need for a Portable Wii, including the boards from 4LayerTech and the Custom PCBs. I have decided to go for a...
  4. Revine

    Solved Louii Case Print

    Would Anyone be willing to 3D Print and ship me a Louii Case? I know PCBWay and JLCPCB are favorited but JLCPCB can't print the custom buttons that the Louii has, and PCBWay is a bit too expensive for my budget (around $60 minus shipping). As this is my first portable, I don't need something...
  5. meepledemeep

    Worklog Louii Friend Build

    I was initially planning on designing my own portable, but after time thinking about it, and now a better knowledge of what I’m doing, I’ve decided a better first project would be to recreate a design that has already been tested and improved. Ginger is my favorite modder, so my friend and I...
  6. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    Been a little absent from the BitBuilt community the past couple of months due to a number of things (School, Work, Father passing, and Depression). But i'm back and with more projects than ever before (New and Improved with 40% more projects) so i decided instead of running several concurrent...
  7. GingerOfOz

    Model [OLD DO NOT USE THESE] Louii CAD Files

    THESE FILES ARE OLD BAD AND DUMB CLICK HERE TO SEE THE UPDATED FILES THAT YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY USE NOW I've decided to go ahead and release the Louii's CAD files and a rough BOM for anyone who would like to build their own. I've included both the STLs and the Inventor .ipt files so that you can...