1. FreedomCookie

    Question Help wiring switching audio

    I think I know how to do this, but I just wanna make sure before I go ahead and start. I'm planning on wiring in a headphone/amp switching circuit to my handheld (a unit running RetroPie), which is on a Raspberry Pi B+. Using this TRS jack as an example, I'm pretty sure I need to wire Terminal...
  2. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Need help with setting up my amp to switch from speaker to headphones when plugged in.

    Hello people of bitbuilt. I come to you guys with what should be a simple question: How would I go about making it so that when I plug headphones into my project the audio will stop coming out the speakers? I am currently working on newer version of my raspberry pi zero portable and plan on...
  3. Question Audio Jacks and Cooling

    So I have two unrelated questions. 1. I'd like to add 4 3.5mm jacks to a cube. I have 5v amp. Wiring I assume is easy enough, just 4 pots and jacks in parallel but I'm a bit hung up on what jacks and pots to use. I'm pretty confident I can just use standard 3 pin headphone jacks just fine, but...