1. HackerBilly

    Worklog HackerBilly's IceBlue 64

    Well I finally trimmed and got a board to boot for an N64 so I figured might as well enter the competition and make a forum post. Specs: N64 with Expansion Pack 3.5" composite screen Horipad Retrobit remake controller Uamp Audio 3d Printed case(Transparent Ice Blue) This is a basic layout on...
  2. HackerBilly

    Worklog HackerBilly's Extra Thiicc Boii

    I am finally ready to introduce my Extra Thiicc Boii portable. It is a Wii Portable with a 5" Rear View Monitor Screen and a ZN-45 case. I built a thick portable compared to a regular just due to me always wanting a Portable in a ZN-45 case since I was a kid and I saw Shockslayer's 2nd Gamecube...