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    Worklog Creamsicle G-Wii rev 2 "Shwii" Worklog

    Your wire is WAY too exposed and can easily short out components and fry the PMS or other components. You only need to trim the insulation off the wire like 1mm or less for small connections and maybe 1mm-2mm max for large connections. Essentially, the insulation of the wire should be as close...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    A bit of a broad question, but there is more than enough information here on the forums if you browse around and read some worklogs to see how others did it. There is also a wii trimming guide that covers everything to do with the motherboard preparation for a portable. A portable is not easy to...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Looking good!
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    Dang, looks crispy. For your RGB to HDMI circuit, did you reverse engineer the pound or hyperkin cable or something?
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    Holy... incredible. I can see how much work went into this and planning. Really awesome! Do you have any gameplay shots with that screen? I'm curious to see how the games look being scaled on a 1080P screen
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    Release Fakemote: A cIOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers

    Awesome work, thank you for your contribution to the community!
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    The Maybe UltraMini Portable Wii

    This worklog is really awesome. I'm actually going to be using the GL832K as well, love the circuits simplicity with only 4 caps! I'm hoping it can run off 3.3v. Have you tried running it off 3.3v by chance?
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    GC2go [Summer Competition 2021]

    Awesome! Looks very pocketable. This is a great example for the future of tiny portables!
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    Worklog PriiMiium

    Prototype 99% done Honestly, building a rough draft prototype is double the effort since you then need to transfer all the internals to the final product, but it’s super helpful to see all the flaws when put together.
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    Worklog PriiMiium

    I’ve decided to first build a prototype to make sure all the fitment and functionality is there. Maybe will be the final version if looks good enough haha. Thanks to the 4layertech team for those cascaded edges, as I was able to wire all the power lines from the under side of the board for tidy...
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    Worklog Partybox styled build

    That two tone Zelda print for the lid is dope!
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    Worklog PriiMiium

    Almost ready for final print with Shapeways :D I'm using their nylon powder printing service. Anybody have any experience with nylon for a portable?
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    Worklog PriiMiium

    It is a 1mm copper plate I bought off eBay a while back and just cut it to size. It was something like this but wasn't exactly this one since I bought it a couple years ago.
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    Worklog PriiMiium

    Received my boards today and populated them to realize I read the schematic of the ffc connector wrong that connects the two controller boards together, so now the ffc cable plugs in from the opposite direction lol. No big deal, I will replace the ffc with a different one that will work with...