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    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Inside of your home Wii console. The name simply refers to the standard trim outline you need to perform on the 4-layer circuit board, which is the easiest and most standard trim that was established when the Wii hadn't been studied as extensively as it has now.
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    The Wiiboy Color

    I don't want to come across as rude, but asking a member for their design files on the forums is genuinely seen as impolite. If Ginger wanted to open source his case assets and models for the WiiBoy color, he already would have done so. His Louii is open source, so it may be likely that he would...
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    After having put the WiiSPii together, I noted some difficulties in the build process that could be simplified further if people choose to make an SPii of their own. I've started to go ahead and make some small improvements to the case assets. One pain in the ass job I found was wiring 9 wires...
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    The Wii SPii

    The Wii SPii A Nintendo GBA SP inspired clamshell portable by StonedEdge The Gboy, by Gman. For scale, of course! My favorite portable of all time, which inspired me to get into this hobby. Worklog: So here we are, my first...
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    Very close to finishing this off, probably within the next couple of weeks. My Chinese switch sticks were broken so I’m still waiting on a spare in the mail, but everything is confirmed pretty much working at this point, which makes me very happy! I made a critical error with my hall sensor...
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    Worklog Retro Lite CM4 - A StonedEdge and Dmcke5 collaboration

    I've been working on the mainboard in the mean time whilst Dmcke5 finishes up the CAD model. The mainboard contains a lot of stuff, including: - HDMI-DVI encoder - USB-C, HDMI and SD ports, plus headphone jack port - Two FFC connectors for connecting the left and right controller PCBs to the...
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    Video Wiring Misshap

    I’d recommend soldering to the vias instead of the capacitors and terminating resistors. That way there’s no fear of losing them or breaking the solder joint. As Gman said, the filtering caps and termination resistors are extremely important. You’re likely to get washed out video without them.
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    Secret Santa 2020: Post your gifts here!

    I got my Secret Santa today right on cue (Christmas Day). It’s a really nice handmade pen with an Articuno on it from the Pokémon series. I’m sure this took a while for him to make and it feels absolutely top quality, definitely not a cheap Chinese pen. It’s actually quite heavy. Very cool...
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    Not a major update, but I've started testing a couple of things with the new PCB. The screen has been giving me a bit of a headache at the moment. I bought a new 3.5" panel as my other one had stopped working, and I'm currently getting a very unstable backlight that switches on and off sometimes...
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi, and welcome to the forums! Do you mean in terms of commission or cost of parts? If you have no tools, expect to pay upwards of 300+USD for your first build. For a commission, look upwards of 1000 USD. Building a portable is a laborious process but rewarding. Don’t cheap out on crap tools is...
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    BitBuilt 2020: A Year in Review

    BitBuilt 2020 The Yearly Recap The year that now was. 2020 was full of surprises for everyone, with the global pandemic of COVID-19 impacting our lives in unprecedented ways. MGC 2020, originally scheduled for April this year was cancelled last minute and unfortunately, a lot of BitBuilt...
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    Secret Santa 2020: Post your gifts here!

    It’s finally that time of year again! Despite 2020 being a bit of a wild rollercoaster, it has overall been a great year for portablizing, with the community certainly growing in more ways than one. For that, all of the BitBuilt team and staff members thank everyone for making some awesome...
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    The SPii case arrived in one piece and the quality feels really fantastic. No, like, amazing. It's hard to describe but its very silky soft thanks to the sandblasting, maybe very close to an injection molded piece for a much cheaper price. I put all the parts inside to make sure they all fit...
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    I made another PCB that accommodates 3DS sliders instead of switch analog sticks. This required that I pretty much re-design 60% of the mobo from scratch, but I much prefer this layout. Now people can choose whatever they want when they build one (and also stop complaining that I didn't use them...
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    Question CMB operation on a portable ps2

    Yeah, no need for custom regulators. They are built into the PS2PMS so you can grab all the voltages you need from there. No, the PS2PMS only supports a 1SxP configuration, X can be however many number of cells you want to wire up in parallel. It has a 5V boost regulator onboard for USB.