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    Eyoyo Screen auto ON and OFF using Electron Shepherd HDMI - Help!

    Going to need to see wiring, or it's impossible to theorise
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    Worklog Basic ashida worklog

    Just the wheel? It's a generic part, so you can probably find local stock if you search for "3-pin B103 10k" wheel pots Most of the parts listed in the various BOMs can be found elsewhere by searching the part numbers
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    I've never managed to find one. I think taking a slide chop to a larger plastic film one is the game plan
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    Solved Trouble switching to VGA

    Just making sure, you are running your wires according to the RGB lettering in the guide picture, not the colour of the traces right? The colours are for YPbPr component video config, which is not the same as the RGB VGA output
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    It's not really dumb, some people aren't able to install or run external programs on their systems. This would be useful for them
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    Question Cube game controller not working

    The relocation vias for the transistors are marked in the trimming guide btw
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    Worklog Nemo's G-wii worklog

    Scratching the solder mask off the vias is normal. Some Wiis have exposed vias, some are covered. You can keep following the G-Boy manual, all the principle information is still correct for a G-Wii. Just correct for part placement and it'll be fine
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    Question Cube game controller not working

    Sorry, not the resistor fix, you need the controller transistors to be intact. They're near the trim line, did you hit them at all?
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    Question Cube game controller not working

    You may need to do the pullup resistor fix
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    Issues with Printed PCB's

    They are the correct part number, that's all I can say
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    Are there any interesting two-player cooperative games?

    Can vouch for Unrailed. Great way to test friendships
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    Are there any interesting two-player cooperative games?

    y u necro dead thread from banned user? don't
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    Worklog The s-WII-ch (my first Wii portable)

    As long as the resistances aren't single digits, it's usually fine
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    In the first post there are links to download the case files