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    Question PMS Fried?

    Nah that's not stronk enough
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    Guide Gameboy Macro Screen Swapping

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    Worklog Pi-Xel

    Just a lil off the top
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    BitBuilt's Rank Guide

    no an no bumpy old thred with no good input pls spam bad ban hammer heavy your head good hammer resting place be good
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    Question Can these SNES JR consoles be repaired?

    What neanderthal GRUG SMASH level PCB torture is this? Those poor Juniors..... I hope you can get them working again
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    Question Disable stock regulators to test the board

    Ah dear, yeah 19v-20v input is the limit for stock Wiis. Sometimes unplugging the Wii and leaving it alone for a day makes it magically work again, but if Lady Luck won't deign to smile, you may have fried a regulator or two. I'm unsure of how many components you'd need to remove to safely...
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    5” 800x480 TFT 40 pin Driver board?

    To be able to recommend a driver for the panel, we need to know the panel's model number
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    Analog2HDMI, microSD-to-USB, and GameCube Controller Breakout...

    I really like the look of those microSD boards, solid work my dudes.
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    Question Can you make a portable Wii U

    It's definitely possible. Whether it'll end up being worth the cost is another question
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    Question Can you make a portable Wii U

    At the moment, no. It needs too much power
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    Solved screen freezes and regulator heats up

    If you buy them from a genuine retailer like Digikey or Mouser, yeah the 8000 will do. Just don't buy them from any chinese sites, the vast majority of listings are shitty imitations that work as badly as the ones you've already tried.
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    Solved screen freezes and regulator heats up

    Yeah those regulators are infamous for getting major toasty (actually catching fire) and not outputting enough current in a stable fashion. PTH08080 regulators are what we used to use for this before the PSU and PMS were mainstream. If you don't want to wait for the BB store restock, you could...
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    Solved screen freezes and regulator heats up

    Can you provide a photo of the regulators?
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    Guide Setting up Wii and GameCube games

    ISO for GC, WBFS for Wii. Nothing else will work
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    PS4 Portable?

    I mean, you could make a handheld from it. It'd just be hella bulky and require a wall socket be present to run. Cooling it would be the real struggle