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    Worklog N64 Portable (No name yet)

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    Completed Pro Controller X

    Very nice
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    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    Make sure to give that board a good brush before you power it on for the first time. Some of the dust from trimming is conductive and could cause transient shorts
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    Worklog black ashida, a beginning ...

    The thing you destroyed was a filtering capacitor to "clean" the voltage being fed to that side of the NAND chip. It's not essential to boot the system, but it contributes substantially to the reliability and longevity of the NAND chip
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    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    That's definitely a normal 6 layer board, you're good to follow the 6 layer trim guide. Nintendo cycled different components throughout the life of the console, so parts like inductors for example can be rounded, squared, or trapezoidal, but they're all functionally the same parts within the...
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    Worklog Nintendo Wii Classic Edition

    Yeah you can. The exact numbers will be different, but the proportions are what tell the tale
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    Worklog My first portable Wii worklog: the WiiDS

    Amazon and Ebay have several options for triwing screwdrivers. As for the screen, that depends on if you want VGA or not. There are heaps of cheap composite only 3.5" screens, but only a couple of good VGA ones
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    Question possible AVE shorted with VGA

    It would work to identify if the chip is damaged, yeah
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    Question possible AVE shorted with VGA

    Looking at it closely, you have some burnt flux residue around the RGB wiring that could be causing issues. I'd give it a proper clean with some isopropyl alcohol
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    Worklog Nintendo Wii Classic Edition

    The lines look fine to me. Just make sure you trim on the outside edge of the lines to give yourself plenty of room to sand (6 layers need more sanding)
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    Question possible AVE shorted with VGA

    AVE chips are drop-in exchangeable among 4 and 6 layer Wiis, but killing them is quite hard. Have you tested your screen with a different VGA source to see if it displays VGA normally?
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    Worklog First portable and first Ashida build

    I'm afraid I don't know how either. Settings Editor GUI lets you change almost everything, but the system clock isn't on its function list
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    Worklog First portable and first Ashida build

    Did you relocate the RTC battery?
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    Worklog Nintendo Wii Classic Edition

    If you don't want to destroy the ports: Get a good quality solder sucker, like an Engineer SS-02 Add extra solder to the pins with your iron cranked to at least 380 degrees celsuis Heat the solder blob for a pin thoroughly before going for the bigg succ, making sure the iron remains in contact...