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    Question End Game Problems

    I'd remove that cell from the system immediately and examine the metal casing. Any damage makes it an unacceptable fire risk
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    Guide RVLoader USB Compatibility Database

    OP updated with the provided info. Big thanks everyone for your contributions! We can still use a heap more data, so keep it coming!
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    Question Restoring GameCube compatibility to a Wii Family edition

    That's more complicated than bridging the three passive footprints for each port. 3 solder blobs > 3 magnet wire relocations
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    Question my batteries are not charging properly

    If you're going to have someone take a look at it for you, make sure you provide them with access to the Wii Trimming Guide and the 4layertech page for the PMS so they can reference the wiring diagrams
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    PlayStation2 Classic Mini

    Moved to The Cutting Edge from the 2023 Contest section as you don't have the Contest role and this project lacks sufficient photos with the proof card. Great project tho. I really like the way you built the case so neatly from scrap plastic. Good frankencasing is becoming quite a lost art
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    Worklog Yet another Ashida build (My First)

    A fibreglass pencil can be helpful for clearing some of the soldermask off the vias.
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    Question my batteries are not charging properly

    Disconnect the PMS-Lite from the Wii and check the output voltages while it's on its own. If they're still not correct, the PMS might be damaged. When you are able to, please provide some clear high resolution photos of your PMS and Wii wiring so we can properly see the current state of it
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    The Jawbreaker: A mostly complete Ashida Build

    That looks sick! Well done!
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    BitBuilt's 2023 Summer Building Competition

    You can use the robot as is, yeah. Madmorda is using a Playskool toy cassette player as a case, so you won't be alone in this type of project
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Fortunately the heatsink & fan combo Nintendo used in the Wii lineup is pretty overkill. Any build that uses both and has enough intake holes is pretty damn thermally safe. If anything, the Noldendo Wii Micro may have better thermals due to having a way larger intake grille and an almost...
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    According to the datasheet for the regs used in the PSU-Plus, 12v input is safe to use thanks to the regs having an inbuilt thermal safety. If the regulators get too hot, they will slowly ramp the output current down, shutting off completely if the sensor hits 160 degrees celsius. Getting that...
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    Worklog The Smol Boii

    This is a placeholder post. I will update it when I finish setting up my new workspace and have a progress to share
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    That'd work! The second USB port on the Wii can supply plenty of power for one of those
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    The greater the difference between input voltage and output voltage, the hotter a regulator gets. Usually a difference of up to 10v is fine, but the 1v reg is slightly outside that range and could in theory wear out faster than the other regulators and fail. It's unlikely, but it has happened...
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Yeah that should be fine, however I recommend using a 9V 2A supply to reduce thermal strain on the regulators