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  1. Question NDSL HDMI Out Mod

    Good luck that would be awesome! If you manage to get this done and working take a look at the 3ds and see if you can create a hdmi mod for that!
  2. Question Amps required to power the n64?

    Hey everyone, So I'm aware that the Nintendo 64 can be powered by 5v by cutting or removing the pin and 3.3v but I am just wondering how many amps does it take to power/turn on the console? Theoretically is it possible to power the n64 with a micro usb port for 5v and then wire that to a down...
  3. New 3ds Xl Micro Usb Charging Port Replacement

    This isn't a very exciting mod and it wasn't done exceptionally well given the glue, but my fiancé found her Nintendo 3ds but the charging port was broken so I quickly replaced it using a micro usb breakout board that I had laying around. The 3ds normally takes 4.6v however 5v works just fine...
  4. Board scan Great Cheap 240p Line Doubler

    Sorry I remembered hearing that the 2x was able to passthrough 480p once upon a time. I just checked using 480p on my wii. It was able to display 480p but not properly, so I have updated my original post accordingly. When it was given 480p it displayed the same video twice besides one another...
  5. Board scan Great Cheap 240p Line Doubler

    Thanks for the additional information! I don't feel feel bad, 80$ Canadian to me was a good price considering one day shipping and I could return it for whatever reason just in case! I'm happy to run it for a few hours tomorrow and test how warm it feels. I don't have any equipment to check the...
  6. Question Portable snes

    I just posted about a small 240p svideo line doubler here, you could wire svideo to the board and use hdmi out for 480p output to your screen. It runs off 5v which you can just get straight from the snes. I'm not...
  7. Board scan Great Cheap 240p Line Doubler

    Hey guys I wanted to start by saying I'm sorry if this is the wrong spot for this post. I just wanted to post about a retro gaming line doubler that I found on amazon that I have been personally using for months now that I thought might help people with their portables. It is a 240p line...
  8. N64SP v2

    They all look incredible but that ice blue one is both love and life.
  9. SNES2GC - Snes controller on Wii/GC

    This is great, especially if you consider using this with a Gamecube Gameboy player!
  10. 5.5" Oled Screens?

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing very well during these trying times! I'm just wondering does anyone have any experience with the 5.5" oled screens from aliexpress? If not does anyone have any reasons why they shouldn't be used? (Besides the possibility of burn in). It accepts hdmi and...
  11. Worklog N64 Minii

    Just in case you wern't aware Rahpnet makes a N64 to gamecube controller adapter here: I'm not sure if it fits your needs but I thought I'd include it just in case! I love the idea btw!
  12. Worklog My SegaSaturn Portable

  13. Worklog Fusion64

    Those pcbs looks like everything I've ever needed in my life. Any idea when they'll be available and for how much ~? Also looking great! Can't wait to see it finished!
  14. Worklog Fusion64

    hey @Noah would you mind sending me a link to the 4.3" ips? I've been playing aorund with a 7" ips currently for my project but would love something smaller! Thanks! Also more importantly it looks amazing! Great job!
  15. Worklog My First N64 Portable

    Hey everyone! So for the longest time I have wanted to make my own nintendo 64 portable. A while ago I took my first stab at it and ran into some issues. However I have been working on it again and am more determined than ever. Currently I am using 2x2 sets of samsung 18650 3500mah batteries...