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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Wow... a lot of time passed. Life happened. I redid the case using Gman's files because tbh my first attempt was trash. Turns out you shouldn't order parts from Malaysia. Took months before it arrived. Just got it a week ago. I have the majority of parts that I need. I managed to get a RVL-PMS...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    small update on the project: I will continue to work on this clone project even though Gman released Gboy files. All schematics for PCB have been finished. Though the case will most likely have to be revised a couple of times to fit parts. Waiting for parts to come as their dimensions weren't...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Probably not as this is a copy of Gmans work so I don’t feel comfortable releasing them. If Gmans releases his files I’ll release them too. What‘s the moderators opinion on this? I’m expecting the custom order of glass to be in bulk so I might sell them along with a case to recuperate on the...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    I’m using ultimaker branded PLA. Not really expected gusts of air seeing how it’s enclosed. I’ll try your advice about the supports.
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Didn't get a lot of time to work on this but I'm making steady progress. Did a test print and it seems that many of the tolerances are too tight. Have to make them more loose next time. Also seems that sections of the case are warped by the bed. Does anyone have a fix for case warping? Supports...
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Finished case design. Gonna print some test prints and see how it is. It's made for .55 thick glass and I think I found a source. - Does anyone know if this is ok? Starting pcb design now. Basically gonna be pcbs that utilize 4layertech.
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    Littlehat's "enhanced" g-boy clone worklog

    Hey, y'all. To practice my skills, since I don't believe I can make a full-fledged unique portable yet, and because I really like the G-boy form factor, I decided to make a clone of a gboy along with some "enhancements". I want a: - USB port -glass protector (gorilla?) -dedicated Bluetooth...
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    Question G-Boy case Cad files

    G-Boy files are not open source. G-Wii is though.
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    USB C and RVL PMS Stock

    Noah after the update said that gman and aurelio designs were gonna be restocked through the discord announcement.
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    Desoldering VGA

    Try using a knife solder tip, it fixed my bridged pins in 3 seconds.
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    Worklog First Wii mod - Making a Micro

    Using a adapter adds some lag, but when I used a wii2hdmi adapter it wasn't noticeable to me. Not sure if it matters to you though.
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    Question conections

    A good place to go for cheap Wiis are places like Goodwill. I got a 4 layer Wii with controllers and stuff for 15 dollars. Also I noticed a lot of the Wiis have games in them, usually Wii sports. I also noticed watching the bitbuild streams helped me gain a better understanding. I dunno if it...
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    Worklog Identifying a Wii's Revision Based off of Serial Numbers

    All NTSC Revision: RVL-CPU-01 Serial: LU570358433 Color: White Revision: RVK-CPU-01 Serial: KU609081943 Color: Black Revision: RVL-CPU-02 Serial: KU100926255 Color: White Revision: RVL-CPU-02 Serial: KU407129250 Color: Black