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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Hey guys, After whipping together my last "Portable" and getting the excitement of having one (even though it wasnt handheld), I decided to put in the real work to make a good (hopefully practical) Handheld portable. After combing through the forums and my box of handhelds to see what somebody...
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    Question Pokemon rumble u nfc figures

    Im not sure about modifying the actual files, but it may be as simple as using a hex editor if you can find the values for what you want to modify (probably not that simple tbh)... but if you can find the files for the figures and modify them, then you could easily get NTAG 215 tags and write...
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    Question Wii portable in a retro case/other questions now

    Im used to looking at the Wii2HDMI be used in the original xbox, and I do know that the electrolytic capacitors stick up. So for a smaller form factor, you may have to relocate them sideways or something. Also If im not mistaken, Madmorda did a portable in a game gear case...
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    Discussion BBLoader Feature/Misc Suggestions

    Hello Bitbuilt! Not sure if this is the right time to post this as BBL is in its very early stages, and Aurelio & the contributors have a lot they are already doing. However I know people may have suggestions for new features and miscellaneous things, or may even have the knowledge to...
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    Worklog First Wii Portable - Cube-ii

    Much appreciated!! I hadn't even realized that wesk had made the noob cube until I looked but that would be the project to go for haha Unless you have a biogenik adapter laying around lol, then frankencasing is the way to go haha
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    BBLoader v1.1 - beta

    Great Job Aurelio (& contributors)!!!, I was just about to add the MX chip to my little build, but ill hold off for now and try this out!
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    Discussion Wii BT Module Data Line Adapter

    So after looking a bit further into this, I figured out that I could definitely make something like the Postfix Adapter that at least connects to the outside pad, but I doubt I could get a pin small enough thats isolated about 85% as to not short the other pads. I did however find that I could...
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    Discussion Wii BT Module Data Line Adapter

    Hey Guys, So i've been having a bit of issues with my BT module being slow and ive been trying to think of what it could be, but thats not why im here. So Im not sure where all of you amazing people have got your console modding/ hardware modding starts from, but one of my big intros into...
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    Question Portable making questions from a first-time builder

    Ah yes, my mistake.. thank you for clearing that up cheese!!
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    Solved Wiimote Inside of Wii games

    i just meant that ill try syncing in game haha, and that did seem to work haha... I had just thought you couldnt in game but it must be that you cant sync your wiimote for the first time in game.. but anyway, Thank you so much again Aurelio! much appreciated!!
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    Solved Wiimote Inside of Wii games

    I dont have GC2Wiimote but ill give that a shot rn.. I thought it was just my batteries, but even with brand new ones it still refuses to lol.. Ill edit this comment in a min if it works or not... thank you for the quick reply btw!
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    Solved Wiimote Inside of Wii games

    yep, it was synced in the main menu and also works in portablize-mii
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    Solved Wiimote Inside of Wii games

    So I just finished my portable: cube-ii (will post pics in worklog later), however I cant seem to get the wiimote working in wii games atm. I have copied the sysconfig from the real nand but it still wont work. Even when I go on the emunand from the bottom options. Does anybody have any ideas?
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    Question Where to start with making a portable Wii console.

    I had a hard time finding info when first hitting bitbuilt. Thankfully there has been the overhaul to the site to implement the "manuals" feature, however I did source some good reference links at one point. Here they are...
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    Worklog First Wii Portable - Cube-ii

    Much appreciated!! Haha, I actually never touched it with a dremel. A hacksaw, bastard file, 800 grit sandpaper, and a fuckton of elbow grease got me to where I am lol Wiring it up rn, so I'll update soon!