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    Question Any good starting hardware mods with Wiis?

    Make a Wii micro! Just a basic trim and an RVL-PSU from the store will get you there, and you'll have a nice compact Wii in the end.
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    Are G-Boys any good for Painting?

    Absolutely. Also, paging @GingerOfOz to Christen this project.
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    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    Oh. Neat! Can I get that photo?
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    Worklog The Wii SPii

    By Reggie is that gorgeous.
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    Discussion 3D Design Software/Programs

    Can we lock this thread? Most folks just use Fusion360 now.
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    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    Very cool! How does the GC+ interface with the Switch? I didn't think it could do USB.
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    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    I've got a Wavebird case I was only slightly into modding for a previous project (not submitted for a build contest). Can I work from there and submit it this year?
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    PS2GO! finished! - Brazil

    That's phenomenal. Looks great!
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    Pls build.

    Pls build.
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    Wii U Gamepad Screen

    Please read the guides regarding video wiring. The gamepad screen itself will not work, however there are screens you can buy that are the same dimensions if you're looking to use the case.
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    Life has many doors, Eddboys

    Life has many doors, Eddboys
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    Tort thread

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    A present for my brother

    That's the joke.