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    Worklog CrazyGadget's N64 Portable (Name TBD)

    Could this be a good option?
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    Worklog G-Boy Advance (tentative name)

    Update: Omega trim successful Many pending things ahead, I might work on the front case next. The space is limited and I don't know where to put the speakers.
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    Guide Wii Trim Resistances

    Values without tantalum capacitors After soldered the tantalum capacitors I got: Resistance between 1.15v and 3.3v changed a lot, is this expected? This is where the 3.3v tantalum was soldered:
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    Worklog G-Boy Advance (tentative name)

    Update: AVE and NAND relocated. Next challenge: Omega trim. That's gonna be tough.
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    Worklog G-Boy Advance (tentative name)

    Let's see if I can make all the components fit inside a 3D printed GBA case. Features: 3.5" 640x480 IPS Screen AVEflex Omega trim GC+ 2 and other 4layertech boards First challenge is to relocate AVE and RVL-NAND. I already have the AVEflex board (just the flex) and just ordered the RVL-NAND...
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    [Group Buy] $25 3.5" 640*480 VGA/HDMI LCD

    I'll take 2, please combine them with my Shinobi scaler (1 in pre-order).
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    G-Boy PCB Files?
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    [FS] Shinobi Scaler

    I'll take 1 with older firmware.
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    Question N64 n64 schematic

    You can find some in the wiki page of
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    Worklog αVenus

    alphaVenus a Sega Genesis 3 portable Inspired by αSNES from @YveltalGriffin Initial features: Custom motherboard PCB Supports cartridges 5" 640x480 screen (ZJ050NA-08C) 3BP (Triple Bypass for Genesis) Shinobi Scaler PAM8019 for audio Six buttons controller Power: I have no idea yet Right...
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] 3-Wii

    what screen is that?
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    Solved Portable feature implementation

    B. JacksonS trimmed a wiimote, used a touchscreen and a board called TouchMii Take a look at this post
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] αSNES

    Planning to use ZJ050NA-08C panel?
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    Question Electronic Books Suggestions

    Not a book, but you can take a look at these videos: