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    Model GBA Console Scan

    Time to finally design/print a Tingle Tuner!
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    Worklog N64-AIO

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    Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    So when is this guy joining the bitbuilt team!? Gotta get me an all aluminum G-Boy!!
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    Worklog Geb's Xbox Slim Laptop

    ogx360 you say... I didn't know this was a thing, and I most definitely need one now. I appreciate you sharing! This project is great by the way. I'm excited to see more of it! I still use my OGxbox all the time. I wonder how difficult it would be to redesign this Ryzee119 dude's board so...
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    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    Thanks guys! It is wired to an 8bitdo Gbros adapter. Which is hardwired to a Hori USB dock, and the battery pack is connected to that. I'll attach a picture when I'm home. If I'm being honest, I'd've much preferred to have printed the whole thing for easy repeatability. But I just couldn't...
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    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    Added a video. And updated the title, many thanks to GingerOfWahhh-z for that.
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    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    I finished it. The "Leech" strikes again! GC controller shell cut in half, frankencased to 3D printed middle parts. Inside is a split GC controller pcb wired to a GC+. Also inside is a rearranged and rewired Anker PowerCore 20,100 mAh Portable battery pack. Should give you plenty of hours...
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    Worklog Sneak Preview of my second portable

    It fits into like, the cup of your hand. It also takes a bit of force to flip it back and fourth. I have not once turned it off by accident.
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    Worklog Sneak Preview of my second portable

    I stopped being lazy and shot a video today. Enjoy! P.S. @Aurelio I think we should make babies together. So if you want to put your thing (Pizza magic 2.0 next level techno wizardry shit) into my thing (this shell, or a modified version of this shell to adequately accommodate it) let me...
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    Worklog Gamecube Controller Switch Dock

    My project for this contest is a Gamecube controller that the Nintendo Switch tablet can slide into. I'll use one of those cheaper GC controller to Switch adapters, remove and trim it as much as I can, and connect it all internally so that is just docks into place via the USB-c port on the...
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    Worklog GBoy rev3

    Ah, I see. Okie doke. I mentioned it briefly in my worklog, but Shapeways' plastic takes to Rit's synthetic fabric dye very well. I (someone with barely any painting experience) thought it significantly easier to put the pieces into a pot of near boiling water/dye for a few minutes, then to even...
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    Worklog GBoy rev3

    What are those!?
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    Worklog Sneak Preview of my second portable

    Thanks! The ABXY buttons were designed in AutoCAD. The face shape and diameter are same, but they needed to be shorter to fit into the design. Font of the letters is wrong, but I couldn't figure out what it was, so I just picked something close. P.S. Sorry if anyone thought this was the video...
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    MGC 2019 - The True BitBuilt Experience

    What would an outsider like me need to do to get in on this next year?
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    Worklog Sneak Preview of my second portable

    Done. Will post a video later.