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  1. XinfernexX
    Is it possible to make a wii portable with a gba shell? (p.s I'm to portablizing consoles so please talk to me like im a retard.)
    1. GingerOfOz
      Not easily
      Mar 19, 2019 at 6:44 PM
    2. Fruity_Grebbles
      People have, however, done portables in the GBA carrying case which bears resemblance to an oversized GBA.
      Mar 20, 2019 at 1:39 AM
  2. Nold
    only two weeks till 'merica ... O.O'
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  3. thealiengunner
    Sorry this is one of my first times ever actually being involved in a forum so I'm pretty new to rules, etc, I'll read through them!
    1. Fruity_Grebbles
      Thanks! That's all we ask. As a general rule, just review the resources and guides before opening your own thread, and unless your question is specific, address it to the community instead of messaging individuals. Also, take Waluigi as your personal Lord and savior.
      Mar 13, 2019
    2. thealiengunner
      Absolutely will, thank you guys so much for creating an environment like this, I hope I'll be able to get into the community more and even compete someday because I genuinely have found a lot of love for the custom modding world. (though I lack experience)
      Mar 14, 2019
  4. nobble
    Put a roll of purple filament on my printer, and now all it makes is WAH memes.
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    2. GingerOfOz
      W A H
      Mar 8, 2019
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  5. thealiengunner
    Also how do I post? It says I have insufficient privilege to post literally anywhere I go on this forum, I have so many questions.
    1. GingerOfOz
      Reply to another thread and within an hour you'll have the permissions to make a thread
      Mar 7, 2019
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    2. Shank
      Make sure to read through the guides before you ask questions. We spent a lot of time writing the guides to answer most common questions.
      Mar 8, 2019
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  6. thealiengunner
    My stupid ps2 bricked out of nowhere, literally was a few days from finishing the project, saw smoke come out of a regulator.
  7. Megafox
    I was considering on making a wii portable but I have a few questions...
    1. Fruity_Grebbles
      Read all the guides, and then open a thread and ask away!
      Mar 1, 2019
  8. jefflongo
  9. Megafox
    Megafox Gman
    I have few questions
    1.) If you already have hombrew installed on your Wii, can you still install portablize Mii (if so how?)
    2.) Does Portablize Mii run wbfs files or isos?
    1. jefflongo
      Seems like a question for your own thread or on the discord, no?
      Feb 27, 2019
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  10. Fruity_Grebbles
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  11. ComradeNull
    I have made serious strides in development of my project. I will make a thread for it once its finished.
  12. Louisboss99
    my wii broke/bricked because of the port plug thing next to the sd card slot was unplugged and other reasons help D:
  13. Lanchlan
    Lanchlan Diminuendo
    Thank you very much ,Walmart does not ship to Poland ;(
    1. Diminuendo
      Hey man I actually had the wrong connector so I deleted the post sorry
      Feb 4, 2019
  14. Elektix
    How do I obtain the relevant privileges to start a new topic in the N64 sub-forum?
    1. GingerOfOz
      Make a comment on another thread and you should get the privleges within an hour
      Feb 3, 2019
  15. TheOneWhoLied
    Let's rip and tear those PCBs!
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    2. nobble
      Chainsaw reddy.
      Feb 5, 2019
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  16. Nova
    hey I'm Nova, I'm super interested in what this community has too offer! Currently working on my own portable before this showing pics soon!
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  17. Ekterm
    really really good at doing absolutely nothing at all
  18. andrewk24
    Currently making the ExWii.
  19. Aero_Knight
    Aero_Knight Leonardo 10
    1. Aero_Knight
  20. Leonardo 10
    Leonardo 10
    help me? I'm trying to connect my ps2 to VGA. I do not want to buy the Adapter. I want to do the project myself. Can someone help me?
    1. cfc_12