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It's good to know I'm not the only one who's ever gotten sick from sanding a motherboard :/
this is the year I am building a Portable Wii. Last year something came up and I couldn't start it. but this time I've gotten everything mostly planned out!
Had a portable for 2 days, tried to make some upgrades to it, forgot to check before closing it up again...R.I.P. NC4, in the future I will not put 5 volts into a 3.3 volt trace. Ah well, it's not getting any deader - on to more, better things!
I notice that the 79000x series PS2 are the only option for portables. Will there ever be the possibility of trimming older slim model PS2?
Sony significantly increased the efficiency in the 79x and 90x board revisions compared to older versions of the PS2 slim boards from 90nm GPU to just 65nm GPU. 2) Sonly combined the EE+GS+RDRAM+DRAM into a single chip in the 79x/90x boards therefore creating a smaller motherboard.
Interesting to know!
Yes, so essentially you won't find other motherboard revision trims out there because it doesn't make sense to do so unless you want a hot, heavy, bulky, poor battery life portable lol.
Total Wiiclipse of the heart
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