Worklog: Wii U Gamepad Original Screen Custom LCD Driver Board

Oct 27, 2020
KiWii Portable (In progress)
Hey guys!

I recently was doing some research on the Wii U, and found the original screen model number from a couple sources online here:

I have decided to begin working on a custom LCD driver board for the original game pad screen. The first question you might ask is "Why do such a thing?"

When modding a Wii U gamepad to put things like a mini computer, or a trimmed Wii motherboard, most people will go with the Innolux AT065TN14, a 6.5 inch LCD. The main difference between the Innolux, and OG Gamepad screen is, the OG Gamepad screen is IPS and LVDS instead of TTL, whereas the Innolux display is not IPS, and is TTL.

I mainly like this project because it will give the authenticity of the original Gamepad feel and appearance.

I have configured a plan with the following features (so far):

The LCD controller will be a RTD2660 running Custom Firmware for the Gamepad screen which has a few things to configure, including it running a bizarre resolution (854x480, not 800x480)
It will be configured mainly for VGA to run at its native 480p resolution.
It will have outputs for Composite (mainly for debugging on consoles that have not been modded to run 480p, and run 480i)
The custom firmware will have the original OSD controls for now (may be changed later)

Hope you guys enjoy the development of this project, I'll be sure to keep you updated!