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    sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) +e^(i*pi)
    This is something I started working on a little bit ago when my bt headphones broke. my plan is to make a new, more sturdy housing with 3d printing, Thicker plastic, and then less frail points in the plastic, while also looking cool.
    My Scheme for coloring, I think is going to be based off Twenty one pilot's new album "bandito"
    here's a few pictures for reference(pretty much Yellow, Green, ragged, and old ish)
    I want it to look cool even if you don't know what any of the music is.
    I'm hoping to add yellow leds that light up, and pulse

    mostly done the speaker mounts, need to figure out the headband part, and the circuitry(thinking of transplanting the chips from the broken headset)
    here are pics of the Cad
    67.PNG 23.PNG 45.PNG 89.PNG

    Any suggestions, or questions, feel free to ask
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