Discussion Wii Power Management System (open source)


Dec 4, 2023
Thank you to GMAN for the great share! This is a fantastic design, but when I tried to print the same PCB, I found that I couldn't purchase the exact power inductors listed in the BOM. I spent half a day learning about relevant knowledge and selected similar power inductors, but their parameters are different.
The parameters for power inductors L1-L5 (MDWK4040T1R0MM) are [1uH, 5.1A, DCR 27mΩ, Saturation Current: 9.4A].
So, I have two alternative options: A[1uH, 7A, DCR 15mΩ, Saturation Current: 9A], and B[1uH, 4.5A, DCR 27mΩ, Saturation Current: 7A].

For power inductor L6 (ASPI-0630HI-2R2M-T15), the parameters are [2.2uH, 8A, DCR 20mΩ, Saturation Current: 14A].
The alternatives are A[2.2uH, 7A, DCR 13.5mΩ, Saturation Current: 10A], and B[2.2uH, 8A, DCR 17.5mΩ, Saturation Current: 10A].

It seems that lower resistance and higher rated current are preferable for inductors. Their accuracies are all the same. My inclination is to choose option A for L1-L5 and option B for L6. Is this approach feasible, or can anyone suggest a better solution?
Oct 28, 2023
Hello. I would like to know how to use KitPIC to program this device, I use KitPIC 3.5, and the software is using MPLAB X IDE 6.20. I imported the HEX file using the encoding ISO-8859-1 and then connected the device, after the flashing program it was displayed: the following memory area will be programmed:
Program Memory: Start address = 0x0, End address = 0xfff
Configure the memory
Programming/verification complete.
Then I unplugged the target board, pressed btn, the target board did not respond, EN had no voltage output