Video Game Art Gallery


Staff member
Feb 25, 2016
There is a Video Game Art Gallery at The Alternative Gallery in Allentown, NJ starting July 28 and runs through August 22nd. My friend makes fake NES game cartridge art and is putting his stuff on display and he told me about it and I thought it sounded cool. I've never done anything like this but it should be cool to put some of my portables on display for people to see in person. I built the yellow Wii and purple N64 after hearing about it so I could have some stuff to show. I will also be putting up the Danse Manatee Wii and another painted Wii portable that shall be secret for now. I've emailed with the guy running it and he's really excited to have more modding stuff on display. I'm not really sure what to expect as I've never done anything like this, but it sounds like fun.

If you're close by definitely check it out or if anyone wants to participate you can contact him on his website.