Guide Video Encoder Pinout

Feb 1, 2018
Seeing as there has been a lot of work into the PS2 very recently, with the release of Gman's 7900X compendium and the elusive board scans, from other members of the community. I thought it would be a better time than never to release some of the work that I had done many moons ago, I wanted to release them but shelved it and forgot about it. I present: a pin-out of the PS2's Video Encoder with relevant Digital RGB lines coming from the CPU.

I used the same images found in the trimming guide because they provided the highest clarity photos of the sections of the board. It also made sense when referring back to the trimming guide if the photos were similar.

Board Topside
RGB Top.jpg

Board Backside
RGB Bottom.jpg

Obtaining Analog VGA

I hope to use these diagrams in my own personal portable, and hopefully capitalising on the 10-bit digital RGB coming out of the CPU. A 10-bit DAC, such as the THS8136 can be used to convert the Digital lines into Analog VGA for the highest video quality possible and is an almost perfect drop-in replacement for the PS2's Video Encoder.

I hope to release more diagrams for the PS2 that aren't covered in the trimming guide. I should hopefully release them very soon™.
Apr 6, 2020
This is really cool. Some time ago I started to do the same work, but I gave up, I had no interest in buying a 15Hz LCD to finish the project. I look forward to seeing more updates on this project.
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