Trimming your N64 (Revs 1-4)

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    All credits go to @bud for the original guide and for pushing the N64 to its limits. Without him we would still be stuck making ZN cased N64 portables forever.

    Trimming the motherboard is something essential to portablizing. If you've got a case but the motherboard won't fit then you'll have to trim it. There are several different "cuts" you can make to the N64 motherboard in order to shrink its size.


    Here we have an untrimmed N64 motherboard in all of its glory. It's decently small already, however we can take it smaller.


    Here is what I would consider to be the "minimum" trim for the N64. Trimming any less than this makes no sense because at this point you haven't cut off any important components. Just a few resistors on the back of the board.

    After performing this trim the only rewiring required will be the video out and power in. Both of these pinouts can be found here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    This is the maximum trim you can cut the N64 down to. Unless you wish to RCP wire the cartridge slot back onto the board, then the board bending technique seen here is the best route to take in terms of getting rid of that little bit of extra space at the top.

    Trimming the board itself is pretty straightforward. Use a dremel or a similar cutting tool (not scissors, please...) and just CAREFULLY cut off the areas you don't want/need. Make sure to trim just outside of the boundaries provided in the diagrams above, then sand the board to where you want it. This will help get rid of the pesky remnants of the board layers. Once that's done, wire power back up to your console and check out your amazing work in action!

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