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    I don't have any pictures to show off anything as of yet but I do have a list of features I want to include in this portable.
    • Fully 3D printed case
    • Laptop design
    • 10.1" IPS VGA screen.
    • 3 Watt speakers with digital audio and control.
    • Battery level indicator
    • All 4 GameCube controller ports
    • External USB for additional memes
    • 6 hours of playtime
    • Bluetooth & WiFi
    • Component and audio out
    • Custom reg/power management board
    • Wii power brick input power
    • Pikmin 2 themed paint job.
    • Secret meme...
    At the moment I am still collecting resources, I just found a Black Wii for $10 on OfferUp. I will still be trimming the board and may offer a barrel jack power input as well. My goal is a 1" thick design, hopefully less.
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