T3 Sticks in Wavebird

Dec 25, 2021
Heyo! I've been looking at putting T3 stickboxes into a Wavebird, which all come with T2 stickboxes. For the C stick, I just harvested the separate board from an old T3 controller, removed the one on the Wavebird, got my wires sorted, and soldered it in. Seems to be working fine. But with the main stick there's some issues. The best solution would probably be a replacement PCB, but as far as I know, one doesn't currently exist, and I don't really have the skills on interest to try to make it myself. That leaves me with a couple options to put T3 sticks in. The first and easiest is to just flush cut the little pegs on the bottom of the T3 stickbox, and just have the potentiometers hold it in. This kind of seems terrible, just having the pots hold it in. The other options are variations of drilling holes. Looking at scans of the PCB, it looks like I should just be able to drill a hole on the opposite corner of the potentiometers, and it would only go through the ground plane. Don't really know much about it to be honest, but I believe that should be totally fine. The new hole would overlap some of where the hole for soldering in the T2 stickbox is, but that shouldn't really be a problem I don't think. Similarly, new holes for the small pegs on the bottom of the T3 should be able to be drilled with it only touching the ground plane. So it should be fairly easy to just drill the one hole for one screw, drill two new holes for the pegs, and put the stickbox in. That would leave 1 screw, the two pegs, and the two potentiometers holding in the stickbox. I think this should be fine, as the screw would be on the top left, and the pots on the right and bottom, so it should be held in place pretty well. The last option would be to do that, and also drill a hole for the bottom right screw. That hole I believe would unfortunately cut through two traces, so it would require some extra wires to reroute the cut traces. Would likely need some help figuring out the best way to do that. Anyone have any ideas on what the best option would be? Anything I missed or got wrong? Hoping to iron things out as much as possible before I start trying. Would prefer not to ruin a perfectly good Wavebird board for no reason, and of course would love not to have to spend more money getting more Wavebirds. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
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