Question ps2 joystick portable alternatives and switch fan???

Feb 28, 2019
So I got a deal on amazon for 2 joysticks for a nintendo switch and the little clasps on the back (the plastic ones become faulty after a while) but I have no use for the joysticks, so my question is since I'll have them, is there any way to use them with a ps2 controller? They do have x, y, button, vcc, neutral, and the pinout is online, the only question is is there a difference in the signal produced? I believe the ps2 uses analogue signal while it looks like switch uses digital? Has anyone tried doing anything with it before?

Also I realised that the switch fan packs quite a punch and is REALLY tiny, so I ordered one of those since it's a 3 pin fan presumably meaning I can actually connect it to the ps2 board and have rpm control??? because the other fans I've seen have no rpm controls meaning either they're adjusted manually or they run at full speed at all times.

What do you guys think?