Question Portable Wii crashes randomly

Aug 26, 2022
Hey BitBuilt, finally getting around to posting this lol.

About a year ago I turned my original Wii into a portable by removing the disk drive, putting a GC controller into where the disk drive used to be, attached a monitor, and some battery packs on the back. Big and clunky, I know, but I was and still am pretty damn proud of it. The only problem is most games would crash within ten minutes, but Super Paper Mario worked flawlessly so I was fine with it.

Now that I've finally got a "game room" and a CRT, I haven't used the portable part of my Wii, and would like to resolve why it keeps crashing so that I can actually use it. It happens randomly, but generally whenever something is happening, like Little Mac going Giga Mac, or choosing specific characters in Brawl. But nothing has ever, permanently, not worked. For example, choosing Meta Knight in Brawl would insta crash the moment I choose him, but the next day he works fine.

Can anyone give me some tips to try to prevent crashes? At this point, I might undo the portable and put the disc drive back in, but it is nice that it's silent. I burned most of the games directly from my own discs, but games such as TVC also crash, so it might not be bad game files.

Thank you to anyone who responds.
Sep 3, 2020
I've also had issues like this with Microcenter's micro SD cards when they're > 256. For me Mario Kart Wii's demo would slow down after a while, but it wouldn't crash. Playing it or other games would sometimes crash though. This was consistent across untrimmed and trimmed Wiis, and was only fixed by changing the micro SD. Which card are you using? Also, have you tried reformatting your card?